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The LWCH hosts many special events and a hidden treasure. We host events, such as the Psychic and Holistic fair (which will begin taking place every other month starting in 2019). One of our most happenin' events is Jazz Jam, which is held every 2nd Sunday from 5-7pm. If you love music it's a wonderful way to spend an enjoyable evening; if you play an instrument or sing, you can join in the fun!

Behind the church is a labyrinth. LWCH takes care of the upkeep and provides the beautiful plant life. It is a fantastic oasis in the middle of Dallas that provides an opportunity for quiet spiritual meditation and renewal. Once you've experienced the quiet and peace you'll find there you'll want to visit it again and again. Other activities provided by the LWCH are the Winter and Summer Solstice, and Vaudeville Night. You just never know when another inspiring event may pop up in the future.

Alicia Boothe

Alicia Boothe

Alicia Boothe has been a seeker of healing for two decades. After learning how to heal a 21-year chronic movement disorder, Alicia has been called to step up by her spirit team to provide assistance in healing for others. After facing many years of disempowerment, fear and internal struggle, Alicia has learned the value of getting out of her own way to be guided by the ebb and flow of life. Alicia is a Reiki Master, certified in the Akashic Records and clearing, sound healing, crystal healing, aromatherapy and is currently working on yoga certification. Her vision is to help others understand how to heal their unique human experience by Empowering Mind, Body, Soul & Emotional Health.



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Hearing Assistance is Available

We proudly offers the Williams Sound Personal PATM
listening system for the convenience of those needing hearing assistance.


The  Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff donates its facility to the coffee house, which is run entirely by dedicated volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email us at contact @ labyrinthwalkcoffeehouse.com

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