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Greetings and welcome to the online presence of the Labyrinth Walk Psychic & Holistic Fairs

Our next event will be on July 16th, 2017
Psychic & Holistic Fairs

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  • Energy Healing
  • Mediumship
  • Minerals & Gems
  • Psychic Readings
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  • Shamanic Healing
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  • Next Event: July 16th, 2017

    Free Admission
    $20 per 15-minute session
    (some participants require double sessions)

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    Vendors and Readers subject to change.


    Hand-crafted art & more.

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    If you'd like to participate as a vendor for the July 16th event, please contact us at vendors@labyrinthwalkpsychicfair.com

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    If you'd like to join our participants, please contact us at readers@labyrinthwalkpsychicfair.com


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    Cynthia R. Shaw has been a conscious channel since the mid-1980s and holds her BA Degree from UT Dallas. She trained at The Dallas Society for Bioenergetic Analysis, and is a Reiki Master. She focuses on the integration of Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit. Working with the aid of Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters, healing occurs on multiple levels. Cynthia integrates Spiritual Response Therapy, a Psycho/Soul healing modality, in her body work practice. Cynthia currently maintains a private practice and is a Massage Therapy Instructor who teaches MultiDimensional Healing and Usui Reiki. She uses her intuitive gifts to help in your self-discovery and to release negative energy and rebalance your energy body. Cynthia offers intuitive, channeled messages from your Spirit Guides and her services as a Medium.

    Learn more about Cynthia from her website: www.cynthiarshaw.com


    Dr. Phyllis Russo is a retired chiropractor who is certified in emotional and trans-personal counseling used in mind/body healing. She has used nutrition, chiropractic, and acupuncture treatment for diseases and pain. In the last four years, she has fully enmeshed herself in Shaman training for the purpose of more complete healing. She now performs shamanic animal retrievals, long distance healing, divination, spirit extractions, and ancient shamanic journeying for others. In the Shamanic world view, one of the main causes of illness, dis-ease, and discomfort is the loss of our spiritual power. This may cause symptoms of depression, fatigue, chronic illness, or even a series of misfortunes. The Shaman attempts to restore the patient’s power, often in the form of a power animal retrieval. The retrieval of a power animal is a spiritually awakening event and is recommended for people with symptoms such as low self-esteem, fear, loss of vitality, and lack of joy. Dr. Russo uses her Shaman intuition and ancient skills for those who desire to achieve wholeness.


    Sherry Coffman is a Reiki Master Teacher and certified DNA ThetaHealing® Instructor. She has decades of experience in helping others live more enhanced lives, serving as teacher, mentor, coach and healer. As a lifelong learner, Sherry works consistently at improving her skills and furthering her own understanding of the healing arts. She uses her intuitive abilities to combine healing modalities in the highest good of her clients. During sessions with Sherry, you will receive a combination of Reiki, DNA ThetaHealing® and Chakra Healing. She teaches certification classes for both Reiki and DNA ThetaHealing®, as well as Essential Oils classes.

    Learn more about Sherry from her website: www.radiantmoonreiki.com


    L. Candli Campbell - Reiki / DNA ThetaHealing™ - Candli Campbell is a Reiki Master Teacher, certified DNA ThetaHealing™ Practitioner/Teacher, Crystal Viewing Practitioner and has over 30 years experience in using and teaching practical application of Spiritual Tools. She created Candli Holistic Innovations to pursue her passion of helping others along their path.

    ThetaHealing® was founded by Vianna Stibel. It is a powerful technique that combines science and spirituality to identify and instantly transform deeply held blocks, negative beliefs and trauma in the unconscious mind. Theta Healing® uses Belief and Feeling Work on all four levels: Core, Genetic, History and Soul.

    Reiki is a natural therapy that gently balances life energies and brings health and well being to the recipient. Reiki triggers the bodies’ natural healing abilities.


    Stacey Smith does energy work, Angel card readings, dowsing, is a Reiki Master, and an Ordained Minister. She also works with Healing crystal jewelry and Malas.

    Stacey discovered her gift when really young and been evolving ever since. She has always been sensitive to people's energy and emotions and has always been there to help in one way or another. She is also a Reiki Master and has worked with addiction, cancer, and depression clients. She has always had a passion and ability to heal the broken spirit of others and loves what she does.

    Please visit Stacey's page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ZenTalabyStacey


    Jennifer Valdez specializes in Energy Cleansing. Jennifer is a spiritual healer, teacher, artist, and philosopher. As an empath, she has a gift for connecting with individuals quickly, and helping them open up and cleanse their energies. This ability is coupled with an analytical therapy approach which allows her to help unblock individuals emotionally, spiritually, and physically; ultimately making space for them to move forward in their journey.

    Jennifer is a lucid and prophetic dreamer. She also heals and releases energy through touch, and infuses love and positive energy through embrace.


    Jordyn Copeland is a clairvoyant medium who uses tarot to connect with the energy of her quadrants to channel spirit guidance and divine messages. Jordyn is also a shamanic practitioner.

    You can learn more about Jordyn on her website: www.moonlightsapothecary.com


    Shyama is a psychic medium, coffee cup reader, intuitive empath, and akashic records consultant. She comes from a very strong family background of psychically gifted people, and has followed her deep and resonant calling to use her particular talents and gifts to help people in any way she can.

    With more than 20 years of experience she uses different tools of divination and forms of scrying, like coffee cups, tarot and angel cards, crystal ball and mirrors to connect with your energy and receive guidance from my spirit guides as well as your guides and angels to provide you with answers and guidance to any questions you may have concerning any aspect of your life and to bring some closure and comfort to those who have lost loved ones.


    Shaila is a natural energy healer and Reiki Master. Ever since she was a child, she have had a natural gift for energy healing with her hands. Her maternal grandmother had healing hands and she is lucky to have this gift passed on to her. She comes from a very highly intuitive and spiritual family background.

    She uses her energy healing abilities to help people on many levels in their lives, from just needing an energy boost to alleviating discomforts physically and emotionally.

    She has now included Reiki in her healing practice to further connect with divine energy to bring about the best outcome and relief for her clients for their highest good. She also uses natural organic essential oils in her healing sessions as needed, or when she is guided to by the divine.


    Tak is an intuitive/psychic medium, empath, wellness/health coach, Tarot reader, Reiki practitioner, and spiritual consultant.

    He always knew he was a bit different from people around him. He was always sensitive, introverted, and very intuitive throughout his life and his first impression of people he met was often very accurate. He discovered what made him very different is actually his gift. As he sits with you (as a client) and feels your energy, he sees (clairvoyant), hears (clairaudient), and know/feel (clairsentient) about what you need to know in order for you to heal and grow.

    Tak is also an ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist, ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, AFAA certified Primary Group Exercise Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Spinning Instructor, and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. He has worked with hundreds of clients and students to improve their fitness, health, and overall wellness.


    Ashtyn Nyx reads the Tarot, creates amazing Henna-based art, and through the products offered by the Black Star Apothecary, creates personalized experiences that connect each of us to our divine higher self.


    Dr. Weatherbee uses new technology which allows his Aura Camera to reveal the true color of the Aura, or energy field, surrounding the human body. In the past, the Aura has only been seen by gifted individuals and has often been called a "halo." The color of the Aura can be interpreted to reveal information about one's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being and can change with time to reveal further information. In addition to creating an aura photo, Dr. Weatherbee provides an interpretation of what it reveals about you.

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