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Featuring a few good friends of
The LabyrinthWalk CoffeeHouse:


The Lost Serenaders

  The Lost Serenaders

Click here to visit Steve Leach's website for more details.

Gabrielle West, Debbie Scally, and Steve Leach have decades of experience singing harmonies around Dallas and beyond. They've decided to pool their talents on a repertoire full of upbeat, light-hearted best-songs-ever-written, all in tight three-part harmony, accompanied by guitar. Lots of old songs with new arrangements--and some audience participation.

Click here for a few samples of The Lost Serenaders' music.
  Watch Over Me
  Sweet Lotus Blossom
  Autumn Leaves (2:18)
  Take Good Care of Yourself

          (a slightly silly version 1:18)

  Fools Jam (1:01)





Singer, songwriter, born in Dallas in 1956 but now swears it was 1966.

Self-taught singer, guitar and songwriter she writes about personal experiences in a funny way. Anyone can write crying-in-your-beer songs, Octavia can make you laugh. She follows the thought that she cannot change your politics or life in 3 minutes but she can entertain, make you think and smile at silly situations.

Her influence is The Beatles, after that it's British 60's (1963-1969), Moody Blues, Alan Parsons Project, great lyrics, strong melodies, unusual and exotic tunes and a lifetime giggling at cartoons and comedy.

Octavia also sings at Renaissance Festivals (she knows all the hits of the 1600s), does a British Music Hall act as the Pearlie Queen of London and generally amuses herself in her home studio - writing, singing, playing, mixing and producing her own CDs. She maintains an extensive costume wardrobe; designs and makes her own jackets themed around music, keyboards, guitars, cats and the universe. She can't bear to be seen in something that someone else might have. No blue denim ever! Lately, she's even taken to making her own sneaker-boots.

Octavia has 3 albums and 4 singles out. She was a member of the Fort Worth Songwriters and currently a member of the Dallas Songwriters Association.

Mostly she hangs out at sleazy bars and clubs, picking up guitar riffs, writing about life, spotting comedy and singing her heart out.

A classically trained flutist, she also plays keyboards, rhythm acoutic 12-string guitar, harmonica, percussion instruments and programs a drum machine, or as she calls it her "Phil Collins in a Box". Tin whistle is fun but it's hard to make it rock'n'roll.

A former leg model, Octavia wants to be more than just another pretty foot. She has a gift for advertising, wall murals and short stories. Her sensational art portfolio has kept her employed from Dallas to San Francisco to Chicago and a few places in between.

Octavia has always been single, no kids, travels the world, chops down trees, cooks, bakes, knows enough to fix small mechanical devices and finds time to rummage in thrift stores.

By the end of this year she will have put 200,000 miles on her car, changed her hair at least 3 more times and collected a few more hearts.

Hmmm, I think there's a song in that . . .

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